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Add a few minutes of Pilates to your day

An hour is great, 45 mins or even 30 mins too. With that said, a few minutes throughout the day can work a treat too. Here are some daily moves to incorporate into your day (providing your knees are ok with it 😉). Begin with:

  • A Standing Roll Down

  • Walk out into a Downward Dog/Pike (lift your hips to the sky, sink heels toward the ground)

  • Launch Forward into a plank - lower abs lift up and in, push the ground away with your hands, extend arms up into shoulder joints

  • Lower knees into Quadruped - sway the hips.

  • Work opposite arm and leg into Quadruped.

  • Add a quadricep/hip stretch

  • Finish with a pelvic tilt into Cat Stretch...

A 3 minute investment into your well being. Ready for more? Book here for a live online session.

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