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Be... Just Be. The Exhibition

Exhibition Piece #2: Dave

About Dave...

I learned of Dave through my husband. He talked about this great guy who had written a book of blokes poetry that was insightful, raw and honest. I finally met Dave to find he possessed a sense of fun and was not afraid to talk to the heart of matters; how refreshing. He had seen some time without a partner and it seemed he was not about to begin a new relationship...soon after however, he met a beautiful woman who is now his beautiful wife. His journey to heal, grow, learn and find authentic love makes him brave and I appreciated his candid and comfortable manner. It made me wonder about others and how they may fear repercussions to be open to another chance at love; so much so, that they don't "take the plunge" - perhaps they are unsure how?

Dave Images010.jpg
About the photo shoot...

Dave’s story is about the learning and growth that comes with the courage and commitment to deeply reflect on what comes from within. It takes harsh truths of self-confrontation, albeit painful, to understand, accept and embrace his role to become a better person after experiences with and through, challenging life lessons. He garnered energy and solace from the ocean to help him create a life of dynamic equilibrium. This, in turn, served as the perfect creative balance for Dave’s photo shoot; to immerse the beach with deep reflection – the creative was a done deal.

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