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'Body & Breathe'

The 'Body and Breathe' experience is about developing self-care skills working with Pilates principles and further exploring techniques in:

  • Neuro-lymphatic activation, relieving facial tension and diaphragmatic breath work


To connect with your body, recognising its uniqueness 

Key Pilates focus here being:

  • Strength, Length, Stability, Mobility, Breath

  • Alignment of our bones and joints and reducing strain

  • How we use our whole body in posture & movement


Our body can tell us a lot by:

  • The way the pelvis rests

  • Our posture position, from feet to the crown of our head

  • Where we are tight or flexible, strong or weak, stable or unstable.


If there is an exercise you thrive on, enjoy it. If you experience pain or strain, we may instead approach the exercise differently. I shall offer options in the videos and leave this decision largely with you...


Listen to your body:

  • if a progression offered – try it because you know it’s good for you

  • If it doesn’t feel right or you are unsure, perhaps choose not to ‘push through’.


In these videos, we will pay particular attention to:

  • Pelvic Position

  • Lengthening the spine

  • How we align our joints

  • Even distribution of weight bearing throughout our body

  • Engaging our deep abdominal muscles, including our Pelvic Floor

Follow the progression of videos offered below, concluding with the breathing exercise (see link below). They are presented in modules so you may take one step at a time, or all at once if you desire.

Video 1 - 'Finding your feet'

Begin in standing and work your way down onto the mat. Connect to your posture, starting with the feet.

Video Length: 14 minutes, 32 seconds

Video 3 - 'Abdominals in Supine'

Roll down into Supine (lying on your back). Connect with the deep abdominal band.

Video Length: 18 minutes, 16 seconds

Video 5 - 'Quadruped, strength, balance'

From Quadruped into a kneeling side kick, with a focus on length in the spine, core strength and balance using breath.

Video Length: 15 minutes, 55 seconds

Video 2 - 'Spine flow, hips & legs in Quadruped'

Working from a Quadruped (positioned on all fours, hands and knees), establishing alignment through the spine and joints.

Video Length: 12 minutes, 21 seconds

Video 4 - 'Roll-up and strength in prone'

From supine, here are some variations the roll-up for strength and length. Exploring'Swimming' in Prone position (lying on the belly).

Video Length: 19 minutes, 41 seconds

Video 6 - 'Seated and strong'

Finding strength and length in seated, progressing into a reverse plank. *This video ends abruptly due to some technical issues, which are currently being rectified*

Video Length: 11 minutes, 06 seconds

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