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Be... Just Be. The Exhibition

Exhibition Piece #1: Mandy 

About Mandy...

Mandy inspires people from the moment that they first meet her. I learned that she took on the challenge to train and run the New York Marathon whilst she faced the battle of breast cancer. Why did she do this? What did, and what does it mean to her then and now? Why did she choose to run a marathon in the face of adversity? What is her bigger story?

Mandy is an honest, authentic, fearless warrior who faces challenges that are both successful and disappointing, and then chalks them up as life experience. She does not consider herself courageous, she allows herself to be vulnerable, and she loves deeply. Mandy has generously shared her story.

HDRLscapeEdited_MG_1467 copy.jpg
About the photo shoot...

Mandy‘s horse, Indy has been a significant support to her through some of the darker days to draw emotional strength, for companionship and for connection. Indy’s part in our photo shoot was a natural choice. We enjoyed a warm November afternoon with Mandy’s husband Stuart and their daughter, Tess. My fabulous sister-in-law Joanna filmed behind the scenes footage and was our makeup artist. Thank you to Rosi Wendt for her talented hair styling.

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