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Pilates @ Home

Flex & Stretch!

A 30 minute Pilates session focusing on stretching, building mobility with stability, and a dash of core work. A great way to start your day or recovering from a weekend of gardening!

Friday "Strength" 

Here is a 50 minute strength session Zoom recording, featuring some Pilates foundations including Bridge, Chest Lift, Side-Lying and Scarecrow. An all over work out, of light to moderate intensity.

My apologies for the technical issues, please hang in there!

Morning Strength 

A great way to start your day! This will feel familiar to the regulars of the "Morning Glow" sessions.


This is a 30 minutes instructional Pilates video for catering to Be...Just Be Pilates people (whom have attended a pre-health assessment) with foundational Pilates skills

Rest & Digest

Pilates for the end of the day to unwind your body, lengthen your muscles and breathe beautifully. Ideal preparation for a restful night of sleep!

3 minutes more...

Take 3 minutes more to try these instructor led Pilates favourites

3 minutes of Pilates Flow

Grab a quick 3 minutes from your day to get your body moving

30 minute

Pilates Practice

Here's a 30 minute mat work practice to do at home during the holidays or in between your Pilates class!

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