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Be... Just Be. The Exhibition

Exhibition Piece #3: Michelle, Hana & Paige

Pitman Girls 001.jpg
About Michelle, Hana and Paige...

In a breath, in a heartbeat, in a mere moment; life as we know it, can take a sudden new direction. Michelle, Hana and Paige are three resilient women who face the reality that life without a husband and father must go on. Raw and vulnerable, these brave women share their story with us.

I am privileged to know the Pitman women. My husband was a dear friend of Mark's; and together, he and I have supported these ladies throughout their journey. Our hearts have felt pain for Michelle, Hana and Paige as they somehow manage to place one foot in front of the other to carve a new life and future together. We have also drawn inspiration and admiration for the same reasons. Their individual and family challenges have seen them through the darkest hours. Please take the time to experience their story. A story that offers hope and connection, perhaps to someone who faces a similar adversity. 

About the photo shoot...

A life with loss can also offer hope. Michelle, Hana and Paige are living a changed life offering many possibilities. Now is a time to celebrate the special bond these three women have forged in the face of adversity. After reflecting on the past, their story leads them to this point. A new beginning. The photo shoot shines a light on the next stage of their journey. 


Special thank you to:

Sarah Maguire and Kate Cook of Pure Envy for donating their time, styling talents and salon for Michelle, Hana and Paige’s hair and makeup. And to Carol Dadds, for the supply of the vintage wardrobe.

Sarah and Andrew Balkwill for lending their amazing Pontiac Firebird used for the photo shoot. Some years ago, Andrew lovingly restored this gorgeous vehicle, so it was nice to have the opportunity to show it off for him! Lily Balkwill for her assistance during the photo shoot

Cecily Calaby for editing support 


Wil Vidovich for filming, editing and production assistance. Wil also performed the backing track in the video.

There are many possibilities for the Pitman family: career, family, new experiences, adventures and love. 

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