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Online live Pilates!

A variety of Pilates sessions are on offer ranging from 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions, covering all levels of ability. Click on "Class Menu" for details


For new clients, please book an individual session to get you started. This provides an opportunity for one on one time to identify your personal needs as well as establishing key foundations, ensuring each class is beneficial to you. 


How it works:


 After exploring the "Class Menu", Go to "Book Online". Click on the session type, then date and time. Select your payment option. If selecting pay by the class, you will be asked for your contact details, then make your payment.

The Zoom link shall then be sent to you by the email you have provided

Click onto the link to join the scheduled class, up to 10 minutes before the class commences

If you would like to book multiple sessions, the best value is to select an "Unlimited Term Pass" (listed in the "Plans & Pricing Page"). You can select this option prior to or at the time of booking.

Book into as many sessions as you wish! The confirmation of the pass purchase will be sent to your nominated email address. When booking a class, "Log In" to the website (or follow the emailed link after your purchase. Book the class/es and you will be booked into the session.


Preparing for your class:

Create a space with your mat and using your phone, computer, iPad or stream through your Apple TV. Set up the screen so that you can see the instructor, and so the instructor may see you. If you have a foam roller, TheraBand or magic circle, start up to 10 minutes earlier with some rolling or stretching. Bring a cushion for head, neck and lower  support.

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