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Regardless of how or why they made it to the Pilates space, it is those who are able to accept responsibility for how their body is today, do the work to optimise and value their technology regardless of how it has failed or rewarded them before – will enjoy the greatest benefits. Approaching Pilates as skill building self-care tool, to move the body in the most effective way that honours their own body’s uniqueness, is a optimistic expectation to establish. Recognition of detrimental posture and movement behaviours and reprogramming the way your body moves is part of this skill building. It is a progressive, slow training approach. Slow training in the sense each person directs the amount of control in a movement sequence, versus using momentum in movement. The 'Connecting to your body' series breaks down individual Pilates exercises, identifying subtle and significant adjustments to help you best recognise the way your body responds and make choices to take back control of your body.

Be...Just Be and Breathe

This instructional video is to create the time and space to focus on the quality of your breathing to relax your body and mind.

Run time: 12:13 minutes

Pelvic Tilt, Bridge & some variations...

There are many variations of the Bridge exercise. This clip considers some Basic Bridge variations, working to assist core engagement, (Superficial Backline) fascia release, establish even body weight distribution to benefit the joints, optimising lumbar spine length and engaging deep abdominals and gluteals to strengthen and stabilise
Run time: 9:22 minutes

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