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And we're back 🙌

After a brief hiatus we are back in the studio (and live online!) returning first up Monday 1st May at 6:30am with 'Morning Glow!', followed by 'Power & Pace' at 9:00am. Come and play for one, or both! A brilliant way to start the month!

Book your spot for 'Vitality' on Thursday's at 9:00am, as spaces are limited. The cost is $150 for the term. Of course, if you are keen and would like to add more classes to the week, just message me directly to secure your 'Vitality' spot and save with an Unlimited Term 2 Pass.

And of course 'Strength Foundations' returns on Tuesday from 9:00am to 10:00am.

If you consider, we are all a work in progress and living does not need to be about all or nothing. Every effort counts and can make a difference. Some days we feel strong and balanced. Other days may be a little wobblier. Speaking from my own experiences, spending quality time on my body, breath, mind and soul is always beneficial. I have learnt to approach this with less judgement and limitations, with honesty, and an open mind and heart. Some days, the best I may offer myself is conscious breath work and allowing the body and mind to establish peace. Other days may be challenging my physical capability. Start with a mat, and see where it takes you!


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