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Cant beat a good podcast!

Between work and being a taxi, I mean, most "working taxi's" I spend a lot of time in the car. This has now become my own do-it yourself university! My mind is filling with information about a lot of everything. For me listening to interviews, research, story sharing about nutrition, mindfulness, health and lifestyle - then switching to some nerdy tech talk about photography, throw in a bit of comedy and I'm covered! Not suggesting to anyone to ever become complacent about the drive itself - the focus here being responsible driving always takes priority - but even having a podcast playing in the background, the content still lands. Sometimes I will need to replay - that's okay, I've got time! And how nice to say "Ive got time". I feel like it is getting time back for nourishing, relaxing - me time. Back at home, headphones on while I'm editing at the computer works nicely too!

If you want to get your head into some thought provoking research combing topics on natural health and nutrition, ageing, illness prevention, metal health and mindfulness, Ayurveda and sports medicine, along with interesting research (this barely touches the surface, it is so much more) - check out LifeSpa: Ayurveda meets Modern Science with Dr John Douillard. The podcasts share evidence based information and interviews with an incredible array of world class researchers, practitioners, and specialists along with Dr John himself. Each is around 1 hour long and the content is plentiful. Check out for more information about podcasts along with incredible library of articles and information.

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