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Cooking with Simon Bryant @ The Farm Eatery

A cooking class, a vegetarian cooking class at that, with Simon Bryant, at The Eatery on Pheasant Farm Road in the Barossa: that's three big ticks from me! Firstly, The Eatery is a stylish, spacious setting (with amazing floors!). An arrival, we were warmly greeted by our host, Elle Beer, as if she were welcoming us into her home. A delicious glass of bubbles placed into my hand and I was already having fun!

The recipes we covered were light, simple and beautifully tasty. Achievable to attempt ourselves at home, of course Simon made this look very easy. Beginning with a Red Lentil Kifta, moving onto a Pickled Cabbage and Broad Bean Stir-fry and finishing with Green Olive and Ricotta Dumplings (granted my dumplings looked a little on the dumpy end of dumpling...).

Simon was relaxed, conversational and interactive. It could be easy to be intimidated cooking alongside a renowned chef, but infact, it was a very chilled and fun night. Even my ricotta hockey pucks (which still tasted bloody great) couldn't knock the wind out of that.

We ended the evening sitting in The Eatery on a long table, enjoying our meals and conversation, topped off by a delicious Eatery prepared dessert. Special mention must go to Elle and the sensation tasting ricotta prepared by The Eatery - wow - beautiful. A great night all round!

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