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Immune boosting Green Soup

During the winter months I seek warming food and require some extra support for the immune system. I do tend to eat more than in the warmer months and notice this extra food love gathers around my belly! Opting for warming, filling and sustaining food choices like soup are satisfying, good for a healthy gut (although some may choose to avoid the peas and garlic if you have a sensitive gut) and very easy to make and keep on hand in the fridge/freezer. So instead of reaching for the carbs or another coffee, how about a cup of soup?

More often than not in my kitchen, making soup is a gathering of what needs to be used in the fridge and what is available in the garden!

I make this soup as a vegan soup which is why I have used the Massel brand liquid broth, 'Chicken' style. Of course, a home made broth or an organic bone broth would also be a good option. Kale works very well as a leafy green to include, perhaps remove the stem first. And although its not green, cauliflower tastes great in this recipe. A can of drained chick peas as an alternative to the green peas would also work.

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