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Term 1 done! The year is flying

Hello Pilates people!

The year is moving at a rapid pace and already we arrive at the end of Term 1. As Friday I 15th April is a public holiday, the last class session this week will be Thursday 9:30am to 10:30am at my home studio, or live Zoom online.

A 2-week break shall follow and Pilates will return to the normal schedule on Monday 2nd May with ‘Morning Glowat 6:30am.

Enjoy the break and remember there are many recordings to explore on the website. Simply visit the website a go to the 'Pilates @ Home' tab, or select 'Chi Ball @ Home', and perhaps explore 'Connecting to Your Body', There are many step by step videos from the 'Body & Breathe' series, and of course Zoom recordings for members (message me for the password) from the 'Morning Glow' sessions. So, plenty of reasons to keep up your Pilates practice!


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