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Ready for a summer reset?

We are back into another term of Pilates commencing Monday 11th October with our usual schedule as well as the return of Tuesday afternoon sessions. This is a 9-week term concluding Friday 10th December. A great time to move some of the 'heavy' winter energy! I find this a good time to refocus on the lifestyle and nutrition choices that help me to feel my best.

For me this is:

  • Start the morning with a lemon water (and I add a pinch of good quality mineral salt)

  • Increase my leafy greens with each meal - parsley, kale, lettuces are my favourites

  • Less starchy, sugary food

  • Fresh, whole, seasonal produce - staying away from the processed foods

  • A warm water after an early evening meal to aid digestion

  • A daily minimum of 10 diaphragmatic breaths with my bare feet on the earth/grass/sand and the sun on my head

  • An early bed time and staying away from the 'devices'

  • Minimise alcohol intake


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