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Our morning @Vasse Virgin

This was an awesome morning with some of my favourite girls visiting Vasse Virgin, home of all natural handmade skin and body care products. And also workshops to try making them yourself!

It was so much fun to spend some time at Seppeltsfield Winery and visit Vasse Virgin. I heard from about Vasse Virgin from Becc and wanted to. I have been attempting to create my own scrubs at home. Just down the road in Seppeltsfield, an awesome research opportunity for me.

The Vasse Virgin workshop building (on the Seppeltsfield Winnery grounds) is very open and industrial. It used to be an old storage building for vinegar. The lady there told us that when the workers there felt sick, they would be sent to the vinegar room for the day and they would feel much better - which I thought was interesting...

When we walked in we were greeted by Trish (who is also a trained masseuse FYI), and immediately showed interest in the blog article and scrub making project! We were all very eager to test some of the products and she was happy to help. Trish asked about what I was looking for in a product and understood what she was talking about which was helpful for me.

Moving onto the large sink (which is an up-cycled wine press found on the Seppeltsfield property and brought back to life – very cool!!) to test some scrubs. Standing at the sink was a lot nicer of an experience than I expected. Who would think that just washing your hands with a scrub, could be so good? But when using a scrub you cannot multitask or do anything else (because you have salts on your hands!). This is actually really nice because you can just be in the moment and not distracted by anything. And how often in a day does that happen?! It was especially nice because it was a hot day and having my hands under cool water and the smoothness of my hands afterwards made it a really enjoyable experience.

Trish said that when you apply moisturizer or wash your body it should be a thoughtful process of washing your skin with self love, because your skin is your body’s biggest organ and should be looked after. Loving your skin means loving yourself and respecting yourself. This gave me something to think about.

I love that the whole time she wanted us to enjoy the experience and explain why you do certain things or why certain ingredients are in the product and how this was all good for the skin.

Thanks to my sister Abby for her help with the photos!


We were lucky not to leave empty handed and walked away happy with some goodies to try at home, all in the name of research.


Trying products at home… My sister Abby has been using one of the soaps and has found that she doesn’t feel as dry after using it, like she does with other soaps. This is good for Abby because she generally has dry skin and mild eczema on her arms and legs, and sometimes-itchy legs, what aren’t as bad anymore because of the soap.

What has stood out about the products at Vasse Virgin is that the ingredients are organic and safe and they are not tested on animals. The skin feels great after and I learnt a lot about how to use the products and why the ingredients work. Three big ticks for me.

Now I am off to do a little more research and work on a recipe to make my own hand scrub. Im looking forward to visiting Vasse Virgin again soon to take part in one of the workshops!


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