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Hip Release with Chi Ball

Let's have some fun with Chi Ball!

Place the Chi Ball under your hip fold (half the ball under the hip, the other half out of the side of your body) and allow the Chi Ball to take your body weight.

Tilt your tail bone toward your feet, lengthening the lumber spine and draw your lower belly and rib cage up into your body. Relax the shoulders, allowing them to remain passive throughout the exercise.

Working the Chi Ball side, bend your knee. Keeping the tailbone lightly tucked, lumber spine lengthened and lower abdominals engaged, float your heel upward and allow your thigh to leave the mat. The pelvis remains stable, centred here, and remember, shoulders relaxed.

Lengthen the leg out of the hip and lower to the mat. Repeat 6-8 times.

Remove the Chi Ball, laying flat to the mat. Feel the hollow under the hip, acknowledging the release of tension. Drift the heel from side to side, perhaps circle the heel in each direction, allowing the femur head to move through the hip socket.

Repeat the other side.


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