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'Body & Breath' experience, 24th July

Connecting to the body is a work in progress ...

Following last year's success, the band is back together for another 'Body & Breath' event - a collaboration between Be…Just Be Pilates, 2B Nourish’d Café and the Barossa Wellness team.

Our morning starts with a Pilates session, moving your body in a way that is unique to you, introducing self-care techniques of Chapman's Reflexes (neuro-lymphatic activation) and fascia release to help you feel amazing. A guided session in the skill of functional diaphragmatic breathing will bring you home to the parasympathetic nervous system to ‘Rest and Digest’.

You will then be treated to the most nourishing and warming brunch at 2B Nourish’d Café.

This is the perfect way to spend your Sunday morning, with self-care, connection, and nourishment for your body and soul.

Come along people - your health and well being deserves it!

Tickets: $110

Click here to book your tickets through Barossa Wellness


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