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Fancy a Forage?

What are some Vitamin C rich foods to boost the immune system as we approach the colder months? Well there are the very familiar ones of course such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, citrus, capsicum, strawberries and tomatoes.

One of the highest Vitamin C containing foods to boost your immune system is Rosehips.

Not only that they contain:

  • carotenoids (good for the skin)

  • antioxidants (protect against cell damage from free radicals)

  • polyphenols and galactolipids (anti-inflammatory benefits)

Rosehips grow freely for good foraging fun! So keep an eye out, next time you are out on your country drive, walk or bike ride on the back tracks. Keep in mind some areas may spray for weed control so exercise some awareness.

To make a delicious, sweet, fragrant and pretty looking Rosehip tea, wash a small hand full of rosehips and steep in water, bringing to the boil. Crush a few of the pods – this help bring out the colour. What could be more simple or resourceful!

* Please note: Like any foods, there are many benefits and also some precautions. If you are pregnant or have previously experienced blood clots, seek the advice of a qualified practioner.

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