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Perfume making fun @ Vasse Virgin

An experience of science meets creativity!

Hi Everyone!

At the end of the school holidays I went with my cousins, my aunty and my mum to a perfume making course at the Vasse Virgin workshop, Seppeltsfield.

Arriving at the workshop we were greeted by Sam, part of the Vasse Virgin team and our instructor for the workshop.

Sam began by talking about how to build a perfume. We were introduced to the 100% organic, pure oils which are extracted through a distilling process on site. The process begins when a plant is added to the distil and is steamed to extract the oil, which runs through a tap into a large beaker, giving the purest form of the oil we need to create the perfume.

There were three perfume bases that we had to choose from: Oriental, Chypre or Eau de Cologne.

When it came to creating our own fragrance, we were offered a large variety of essential oils. Some were very unique and some we did not expect to be used in a perfume. There were a lot of familiar smells too like rose, cinnamon and orange.

The oils gave either base notes, middle notes or top notes for the overall fragrance. The base notes were the scents that lingered the longest and the top notes disappeared quicker. Having a good combination of each instead meant that the perfume would be more balanced.

Sam taught us how to smell the scents correctly and how to clear the other lingering smells if all the scents were getting too overpowering, by putting our nose to our elbow and breathing! From there we added to our bases different scents we liked, by dropping small amounts of essential oils. With each combination we would test this on strips of paper, fanning the strips to help us accurately smell what the overall perfume would be like. As we added more drops we recorded what we did to create a recipe.

My favourite part of this workshop was be able to include whatever we wanted in the recipe to create a perfume no one else has. The workshop was surprisingly relaxing too because of the nice, natural smells!

One of the things I love about Vasse Virgin is that they offer a range of vegan products and are cruelty free, which is very important to me. I feel more comfortable using a product knowing that nothing has been harmed in the process. I love that Vasse Virgin is respectful to animals and nature. So another very enjoyable experience at Vasse Virgin and all with a good conscience!

Next article Ill be turning my attention to food and some unique vegan recipes, so stay tuned...

Luci x