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Get pedalling around the Barossa!

Photos by Abby and Becc

Hi Everyone!

Since my last article in February, it has been a good start to the school year and made me feel a lot less lazy than the holidays! I feel productive when im at school. Its been a time for family (a new baby brother and saying goodbye to Pa) and Ive been lucky to have the support of really great friends through this too.

In the new year, I had set myself a goal to become a healthier and more active version of myself. Because of this I decided to start bike riding.

I have always loved bike riding since I first learned to pedal and have enjoyed going out for rides with the family on a nice day in the Barossa, particularly the Angaston and Tanunda bike paths.

Why go for bike riding? I really wanted to do something by myself – after a long day of school, and I was already doing a daily family walk with Alfie (our fur baby) so I really needed some alone time. Time to relax and listen to a podcast (at the moment Im enjoying a really motivational one by 2 young women about lifestyle, fitness and healthy eating - but more about that another time…).

How does it make me feel? After a ride I feel really good. I feel motivated to do good and I really like that bike riding makes me feel accomplished (rather than an unproductive day at home watching YouTube videos in my bed). The blood flow and the adrenaline leaves me feeling really good and happy afterwards.

I think that sometimes we all need alone time, not necessarily to get away from our families, (although thats why some people may like to do it!), for some self talk.To push yourself and give yourself time to think whilst doing something good for your body. For me I think that a good bike route is not near too many busy roads, so you are less distracted and “in the zone.” With my bike rides I like to make it up as I ride, but I really like to start with a really steep hill, because it works my leg muscles, and then I usually like a bit of challenge and not just a straight path. I like to finish with a big hill, where I can then relax and ‘roll the whole way home.’

I think for bike riding, it’s one of those no brainer things, you can get up and go. Feeling bored? Go for a bike ride! Want some alone time before dinner? Go for a bike ride!

I hope this is helpful to you, and I can’t wait to share my next Barossa experience with you!

Luci x

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