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Barossa Bagels Love

It may be that I am a little bit of a bagel fan. The day I came across Barossa Bagels at the Barossa Farmers Markets one blissful Saturday morning (always blissful at the markets in my foodie haven), I was very excited to meet Esther and her delicious display of bagels. I discovered I had already indulged in the Barossa Bagels love at Fleur Social in Nuriootpa, so I was already a fan by default.

I generally eat wheat free, although the traditional baking process for bagels usually means they go okay in my tummy when they are made this way, with love. This was certainly the case with Barossa Bagel's product. Often, I look longingly at the wheat option as I eat my less exciting gluten free option. Barossa Bagels gluten free bagel is very, very good and convincingly holds up next to the wheat bagel. No compromise here.

Barossa Bagels also makes yummy bagel crackers for the cheese board which can be purchased at The Bean Addiction - I discovered when stopping in for a coffee (more on Bean Addiction another time for the coffee lovers - this is a must stop in the Barossa!).

Meeting the lady behind Barossa Bagels, Esther Barnett, indicated why these bagels are so good. Bringing love and genuine care to what you do offers a tasty outcome!

* A big thank you to Barossa Bagels donation for the Be...Just Be exhibitionlaunch and Lifeline Adelaide fundraiser . Thank you article at becc photos

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