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OOV - a-licious!

I recently had the joy of participating in the "Oov" workshop in Adelaide led by Phil Ladlow and Jenni Guest. Having the pleasure of being amongst some clever physio minds and fellow Pilates instructors, I finished the weekend with my senses stimulated and mind buzzing! How exciting to bring this apparatus to the "Be...Just Be" studio.

The Oov is designed to mimic the natural curvature of the spine, with most of the support under the lumbar spine. Balance and "Slow Movement Training" on the Oov promotes:

  • improvement in functional movement

  • stability - with mobility

  • endurance & strength

  • proper alignment

Even just lying on the Oov facilitates lengthening the spine with core control. Working with the Oov helps recognise instability and restriction in the body, thus helping to develop strategies to create stability and control.

From my point of view, I was excited to get into training with the Oov. Thinking of the "Be...Just Be" Pilates people - this tool is useful as it:

  • may make accessible some aspects of the Pilates training that may otherwise not be (due to posture, injuries, body comfort)

  • add another dynamic and intensity to more challenging Pilates training.

What I really enjoyed about this beautifully designed piece of equipment (foam roller on steriods?!), is using it promotes body awareness, giving the user an opportunity to self correct with understanding. How empowering!

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