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Downtime and Nourish!

For a little indulgence when Im flying somewhere, which isn't as frequently these days, I buy a magazine. I consider this magazine purchase an investment as Im a bit of a collector, so I take care when making this purchase. It may be about food, architecture, health or art.

I happened upon Nourish, an Australian produced magazine centred around a plant based lifestyle. Living a plant based life, isnt only about not using or eating animal products. It is also embracing a respect what we do consume and the energy, resources and earth that provide it. So if the concept of "Mindfulness" is more frequently penetrating your radar - this magazine is a step in the right direction...

This gorgeous magazine with that in mind, offers it all. Yes, yummy food and products. The articles offer a broader approach to this lifestyle, from a wellness perspective and in a very stylish way. The information in an accessible and quite practical. Indulge - check it out. Oh, and thank to Ekoo for my "Soul Lift Infusion" tea!

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