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The Fancy Bag Lady!

Carol Dadds is the vision and designer behind the thriving Sunshine Barossa Australia's beautiful and unique handmade leather goods. Carol is proof that by being brave, believing and backing yourself that dreams can become a reality! And here's a little insight to Carol the inspiring, talented and beautiful lady (inside and out)....

Where did the inspiration for Sunshine Barossa Australia come from?

A mixture of being a creative person from painting, sewing and furniture renovation to growing up on a horse stud where both my mother and father made their own leather products is where it has all started from. My love for high quality, raw, leather handbags evolved when my mother got sick and left me with some leather hides begging to be used. Sunshine Barossa Australia was born!

What drives & inspires you?

Fulfilling and finding that constant balance in life as a busy mother is what inspires me. I have a personal rule to always enjoy whatever work I have decided to make a living from. What drives me is my love for business and being able to make a hobby into a profitable income. This is a constant challenge, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Were there any fears or concerns to launching this venture, and if so how did you overcome this?

There is always continuing fears and concerns launching any venture because you are putting yourself outside the square and this is always confronting and a gamble. At the same time this gives me personally, a natural adrenaline rush which is something I’ve always loved doing for myself.

Also the regular common fear is "can I sustain this business now it has become the size it has……"

I over come this by believing in myself and continually putting myself and my products out into the world and staying true to my extremely high quality, limited quantities, loyalty to stockists and great customer service. Always study and better yourself in your field.

Its not rocket science to be a good person in the world, do the hard work and you will receive the benefits from our beautiful universe…

How do you articulate your overall vision for Sunshine Barossa Australia?

My overall vision for Sunshine Barossa Australia is to be able to have a stockist in every state of Australia. The size I want to be must still able me to give my personal service that I am now giving my shop owners. I like to be able to include them in the designing of my bags, leather colour choices and personal deliveries.

I want my online store to have a continual flow of sales so this can sustain my employment of sewers to be able to continue and grow my SA made ranges.

Also of course to continually see people walking around with Sunshine Barossa Australia products on their arms, in their pockets or in their homes.

To view the beautiful Sunshine Barossa Australia's beautiful products visit www.sunshinebarossa.com.au. For every purchase made, Sunshine Barossa pays forward a portion to local Barossa women, men and children in need.