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Nutrition with a greater purpose

"The coconut oil that changes lives".

I recently received my first package from Niulife, to experience the "World's Best Coconut Oil". It was like a nutritious Christmas present!!

"Niulife-who's that?" I hear you ask.

Well, very briefly, this inspiring story began over 25 years ago. When visiting the Solomon Islands, Dr Dan Etherington was driven to action after seeing the poverty and other social and economical issues, affecting the island communities. Considering the possibilities and with coconuts available, Dr Etherington invented the DME® coconut press and engaged the Solomon Island villagers, working together to create income, employment and purpose in the community.

As I understand it, Niulife Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the only handmade certified organic oil that is 100% village-produced within an hour of the opening the nut, with all profits going directly back to the communities that made it. This generosity helps equip the villages with everything they need to set up and sustain their own thriving local economy.

And as for a product review...

Well, high scores all round! The soap was lovely, great for my dry, dermatitis prone skin. The Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Coconut Ghee, sugar, flakes, health bars - all genuinely delicious. The high standard of this quality fruit evident in the beautiful coconut flavour. The most impressive product for me - the Coconut Amino Sauce. I went through this bottle very quickly as it is stunning in many dishes and beautiful as a simple salad dressing.

Not only are the products gorgeous, the story behind Niulife and all involved is beautiful and inspiring. I encourage you to visit the informative Niulife website, and enjoy the (rather user friendly!) shopping experience.

Niulife products are also available across many stockist - just visit the website to find the closest to you!

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