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Private Session - 1 hour

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Personal Health Assessment & Foundations - 1 hour

It is important that Pilates is tailored to your own needs - and everyone is different. Help me understand your goals, injury history and the way your body best works. To lengthen, strengthen and stabilise I need to understand where your need to work on tightness, weakness and instability. We will also cover some Pilates Foundations so you are ready to go for your next class or personal session!

30 mins : Morning Glow!
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 6:30am to 7:00am (Live Online only)

Energise, mobilise, stretch & wake up! Create a space with your mat using your phone, computer, tablet or stream through your Smart TV for this short, brisk paced session to build energy flow. This is a 30 minutes session best suited to participants with existing Pilates experience with skills and understanding in Pilates Foundations. A prior individual health assessment essential.

30 mins : Rest & Digest
Wednesday 8:00-8:30pm (Live Online only)

An end of day stretch and rest for your sympathetic nervous system. Prepare your body for a restful sleep! Bring a cushion for head and neck support and perhaps a blanket to keep warm at the end of the session ❤️

45 mins : Afternoon Wind Down
Tuesday 6-6:45pm (In Studio & Live Online)

Deliberate pace incorporating Pilates foundations and a good stretch. Focus on technique, strength, breath flow and stretch to consolidate the day that has been! A prior individual health assessment is essential.

60 mins : Strength Foundations
Tuesday 9:30-10:30am (In Studio & Live Online)
Friday 10-11am (Eudunda In-Studio only)

Developing your Pilates practice and foundation skills. Inviting all skill levels. A prior individual health assessment essential.

60 mins : Strength
Monday 10-11am (In Studio & Live Online)

Incorporating Pilates foundations with some fun challenges. Participants must present minimal precautions and contra-indications, some experience of Pilates skills and ability required. Participants have previously completed an individual health assessment.

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